• Google is taking a “safe and responsible” approach to AI development, adding it to its product suite.
• 21Shares and ARK Investment have filed for a third time for a spot Bitcoin ETF.
• CFTC official says anonymity in crypto is a national security risk.

Google Taking „Safe and Responsible“ Approach with AI

Google is taking an active role in developing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies responsibly in order to offer safe and reliable products. The company has continued to add AI features to its product suite, while also investing heavily in research on the implications of using such technology.

Solana Unveils ChatGPT Plugin

The blockchain-based platform Solana recently unveiled its ChatGPT plugin which allows users to retrieve on-chain data from the Solana network. This plugin was developed as part of the platform’s effort to make the user experience more convenient and secure for those that use their services.

21Shares & ARK Investment File For Spot Bitcoin ETF

21Shares AG, along with ARK Investment Management LLC, are making another attempt at filing for a spot Bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF). They believe that persistence will pay off as they have now filed three times – hoping that they will be successful this time around.

Binance.US Backs Out Of Voyager Asset Purchase Deal

Binance US has decided against purchasing assets from Voyager Digital Ltd., citing uncertain regulatory conditions within the U.S.. This news follows shortly after Voyager announced that it had signed an agreement with Binance US which would see them acquire certain assets from the former company’s portfolio including its cryptocurrency trading platform and wallet provider service Zumo Wallet Limited .

CFTC Official Says Anonymity In Crypto Is A National Security Risk

Christy Goldsmith Romero, Commissioner at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), believes that anonymity in crypto poses a national security risk by allowing criminals to use digital assets for illicit purposes without repercussions due to their ability to hide their tracks. She noted during City Week conference in London on April 25th that fraud is very common in digital asset markets and can often take precedence over victims like critical infrastructure or public sector facilities such as schools or hospitals.

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