Steve Aoki Twitter Account Hacked

• PSYOP creator Ben.eth promised to refund victims of the phishing scam perpetrated through Steve Aoki’s compromised Twitter account.
• The hackers used a fake airdrop link for the $PSYOP memecoin, leading to roughly $170,000 in losses.
• Ben.eth unwittingly quote tweeted the post containing the phishing link, but quickly deleted it when he was alerted to the scam.

Hackers Compromise Steve Aoki’s Twitter Account

On May 26th, on-chain sleuth Zachxbt tweeted that hackers had compromised Steve Aoki’s twitter account and were using it to perpetrate a phishing scam with a fake airdrop link for the $PSYOP memecoin. As a result of this hack, approximately $170,000 was stolen from those exposed to the malicious link.

Ben.eth Unknowingly Quote Tweeted Phishing Link

Ben.eth, the founder of $PSYOP, unknowingly quote tweeted the post containing this malicious phishing link thinking it was from the real Steve Aoki account and not an imposter one created by hackers. After being alerted by Zachxbt of what happened Ben quickly deleted his tweet in an effort to prevent any more people from falling victim to this attack.

Ben Promises Refunds To Victims

In response to what happened, Ben stated that he was unaware that Aoki’s account had been hacked and offered refunds for everyone who lost their Ethereum as a result of his unwitting promotion of the malicious link via his quote tweet. He asked anyone who lost funds due to this incident reach out via email and confirm they had their funds stolen in order for him process their refund requests accordingly.

No Public Statement From Steve Aoki Yet

As of yet there has been no public statement from Steve Aoki concerning this hack or if any action is being taken against those responsible for it.

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