• Dropbox announced it will discontinue its “unlimited” storage policy offered under its Dropbox Advanced plan.
• The decision was in part due to cryptocurrency miners leveraging the service for their own gain.
• A metered model will replace the previous unlimited storage offering to better manage usage patterns.

Dropbox Drops Unlimited Storage

Dropbox recently announced that they would be discontinuing their „unlimited“ storage policy offered under their Dropbox Advanced plan, and replacing it with a metered model instead. The change is meant to better manage the unexpectedly high usage patterns, which included some users leveraging the service for crypto mining activities.

Why Was This Decision Made?

The decision to switch away from an unlimited data plan was made in order to address a few of the unexpected issues that arose with allowing customers unlimited access. Primarily, this related to unauthorized use of those data plans for crypto mining activities, which can cause significant strain on both network bandwidth and server resources. As such, a metered model was seen as the best way forward in order to ensure that usage remains within acceptable parameters and user experience isn’t impacted by any malicious activity or resource hogging on behalf of certain individuals.

What Does This Mean For Users?

For most users, this change won’t have much of an impact as they likely don’t need more than a few gigabytes of storage space anyway. However, for those who require larger amounts of data storage space (such as businesses), this could mean that they may have to pay more money in order to get access to additional cloud storage space than what they were previously used too.

Where Can I Find More Information?

For those looking for more information on how this new metered model works or how much it costs, you can find out more details by visiting Dropbox’s website or contacting them directly via email or phone call.


Overall, while some users may be disappointed by this news due to losing their „unlimited“ storage option, it’s important that we remember why these changes were necessary in the first place – namely because some people were misusing the service for illicit cryptocurrency mining activities which put strain on both network bandwidth and server resources alike. Hopefully this change will help ensure that everyone enjoys a smooth user experience when using Dropbox’s services going forward without having to worry about any malicious activity impacting their experience negatively!

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