• GameFi users peaked to 2.25 million active monthly users in October 2022, but since then it has slumped to under 1.75 million users according to a Messari report.
• GameFi’s „sustainability struggles“ could be caused by creating an engaging experience that meets user expectations.
• NFTs from GameFi can serve as collateral for DeFi lending protocols and can be used for staking, liquidity mining, and yield farming.

GameFi Adoption Down Over 30% Since October 2022 – Messari Reports

Decline in Active Users

GameFi users peaked to 2.25 million active monthly, but has slumped to under 1.75 million users, according to a Messari report. Across all gaming applications, the data shows that new users also declined 34% since October 2022 — with average monthly sign-ups declining month-on-month as well.

Sustainability Struggles

The report cited „sustainability struggles“ stemming from „creating a truly engaging experience“ as a likely cause of the rapid decline in active users on the platform. This is because 40% of GameFI users indicated that they want their gaming experience to balance both the “playing” and “earning” elements of their experience, according to Metaverse Awareness Survey results.

Unique Features Of GameFI

In conventional gaming setups, players typically don’t own in-game assets; however with GameFI tokens associated with blockchain-based games are breaking down this divide between real world assets and resources within the game itself. Players have the option of obtaining Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) or crypto assets by participating and accumulating resources — whether it be in game currency or assets . These can then be kept in digital wallets or traded on secondary markets just like any other digital asset would be handled outside of the gaming realm .

GameFI Meets DeFI

Outside of just gaming , these NFTs can also serve as collateral for Decentralized Finance (DeFI) lending protocols where they can be used for staking , liquidity mining , and yield farming . Additionally , loans backed by NFTs from GameFI are becoming increasingly popular on platforms like Arcade and PWN . xyz which allow people to get value out of their digital assets via DeFi loans .


Since peaking above 2.25 million active monthly users in October 2022 , the number of monthly active users in GameFi has dwindled significantly over time due its inability to create an engaging experience that meets user expectations . Nonetheless , its unique features such as allowing players ownership over their game related assets or using these NFTs as collateral for DeFi protocols have made it an attractive platform within the industry .

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