• A crypto trader made over $100,000 in less than an hour by front running a token listing on Binance.
• Front running is an unethical practice that involves taking advantage of confidential information to make a profit.
• Crypto exchanges have faced scrutiny for alleged or confirmed cases of front-running over the past year.

What Is Front Running?

Front running is a trading practice that occurs when someone uses inside information to gain an unfair advantage in the market. This can happen when a trader or exchange employee takes advantage of confidential information about another customer’s trade to place their own trade ahead of it, resulting in a profit at the expense of the customer. It is considered dishonest and can damage the fairness and integrity of markets as it breaches any duty of confidentiality between parties involved in the transaction.

Rumors Of $100K/hr Front Running On Binance Listings

Recently, rumors have been swirling around regarding one anonymous trader who allegedly made more than $100,000 by trading Gains Network (GNS) tokens just before they were listed on Binance. According to Lookonchain’s analysis, this individual purchased GNS tokens worth $208,335 approximately 30 minutes prior to them being listed on Binance, after which its value increased by 51% from $7.92 to $12.01 – allowing them to sell their holdings for a profit of $106,747 within less than an hour.

Consequences Of Front Running

Due to insider trading being illegal in most countries including the US and Canada as well as many other jurisdictions worldwide, engaging in front running comes with serious consequences if caught doing so. For example, depending on where you live you may face fines or even prison sentences if found guilty of such practices.

Exchanges Under Scrutiny For Alleged Cases Of Front Running

Over the past year numerous well-known crypto exchanges have come under fire for either alleged or confirmed cases involving front-running – with some traders reportedly making significant profits from using inside knowledge about upcoming token listings or trades being executed by customers using those platforms.


While there is still much debate over whether certain practices are considered fair or not within the crypto industry – it is important that all users remain aware of and follow regulations set forth by local authorities so as not to risk facing serious repercussions should they be caught engaging in any form of unethical behavior while trading cryptocurrencies online.

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