• US inflation came in at 3.0%, slightly lower than the 3.1% expected with core inflation coming in at 4.8%.
• As a result, U.S. yields continue to head lower, and DXY heads to one-year lows at 101.15 with Bitcoin hovering just below $31,000.
• Analyst James Van Straten discussed the implications of this data on Bitcoin’s price movements and market cycles across Ethereum and Bitcoin investments.

Better than Expected U.S Inflation

U.S Headline inflation, year-over-year, has come in at 3.0%, slightly lower than the 3.1% expected by analysts; with core inflation coming in at 4.8%. This marks the lowest level of inflation for two years since March 2021 with twelve consecutive declines in YoY rates according to Charlie Bilello’s analysis of the data..

Impact on Bitcoin Price Movements

The impact of this news has caused US yields to head even lower while DXY index dropped to one-year lows at 101:15 resulting in a 1% increase for Bitcoin hovering just below $31,000 as a result of better than expected U.S inflation figures .

Analysis from James Van Straten

James Van Straten is a research analyst who discussed the implications that this data had on bitcoin’s price movement and market cycles across Ethereum and bitcoin investments.. He highlighted that due to this better than expected result it meant that investors would be looking towards these cryptocurrencies for further investment opportunities as an alternative store of value .

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Sees 6% Uptick

In addition, he also mentioned how bitcoin mining difficulty saw its 11th such rise since 2021 with a 6% uptick which showed an increase in demand for bitcoin inscription as well as an analysis of ownership over time being conducted by investors looking to capitalize off these newfound opportunities..

Ethereum Performance Against Bitcoin

Lastly, he examined Ethereum performance against Bitcoin across market cycles which indicated that many were turning towards Ethereum as another viable option when investing into crypto currencies; showing that despite some volatility there was still potential for growth within these markets if investors know where to look .

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