• CoinDesk Deal in Final Stages
• Apple Developing Its Own AI Chatbot
• Societe Generale Receives First Crypto Services License

CoinDesk Deal in Final Stages

A $125 million deal between CoinDesk and an unnamed company may be in its final stages. The news comes as Caroline Ellison, the former chief executive of Alameda Research and founder of FTX, is facing legal discovery over her private writings from months leading up to the collapse of both firms.

Apple Developing Its Own AI Chatbot

Apple is reportedly developing its own artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot as an internal tool. The move is part of the company’s efforts to improve customer service and automate processes. It is unclear when the chatbot will be released or what features it will have.

Societe Generale Receives First Crypto Services License

A subsidiary of French banking giant Societe Generale has been granted France’s first crypto services license by local financial authorities. This marks a major milestone for cryptocurrency adoption in France, as it allows companies within the country to offer digital asset services legally.

Terraform Labs Appoints Chris Amani as CEO

Terraform Labs has appointed Chris Amani as its new CEO, replacing Do Kwon who stepped down from his position earlier this year. Amani brings more than two decades of experience working with startups and technology companies, including stints at Microsoft, Qualcomm Ventures, and Nokia Ventures Partners. He will be tasked with driving Terraform Labs‘ mission forward to make decentralized finance accessible to everyone.

Worldcoin Faces Regulatory Scrutiny Amid Community Backlash on Privacy Concerns

Worldcoin’s WLD token has come under regulatory scrutiny in the U.K., following a community backlash over privacy concerns surrounding its tokenomics model. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) spokesperson acknowledged the project’s launch but did not comment further on it at this time. Worldcoin requires users to scan their Iris via one of its Orbs to confirm that they are human before using its platform for identity verification purposes – a feature which many members in the crypto community have heavily criticized for being invasive and intrusive into user privacy rights

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